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General Information:

The unique position of this country between Europe and Asia acts as a cultural & physical bridge between the Islamic Asia, Western Europe and Modern Istanbul. Istanbul which is spread over both continents has been a seat of power for three great empires Roman, Byzantine and the Ottaman. Modern Turkey comes with many contradictions – Secular but Muslim, Mediterranean but not European. Each area of the vast country has its own personality, history, landscapes& cuisine. 

  • Of the land area, 16.9% has a semi-arid/ steppe climate (BS), 2.2% has a temperate/ mesothermal climate with significant precipitation in all seasons (Cf), 48.2% has a temperate/ mesothermal climate with dry summers (Cs), 32.7% has a alpine/ highland climate (H).
  • Of the population, 14.1% live in a semi-arid/ steppe climate (BS), 2.7% live in a temperate/ mesothermal climate with significant precipitation in all seasons (Cf), 64.1% live in a temperate/ mesothermal climate with dry summers (Cs), 19.2% live in a alpine/ highland climate (H).


We can find out from Turkey Geography that Turkey is located in the southwestern part of Asia. Turkey borders the Black Sea which is located between Bulgaria and Georgia. Turkey also surrounds the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea which is situated between Greece and Syria. From Turkey Geography we get to know that 39 00 N, 35 00 E is Turkey’s Geographic Co-ordinates. Turkish Geography helps us in knowing that the length of Turkey’s coastline is 7,200 km. Geography of Turkey lets us know that Turkey has a temperate climate.

From Turkey’s Geography we can find out that the natural resources of Turkey constitutes antimony, coal, copper, sulfur, iron ore, etc. Terrain in Turkey Geography makes us know that mostly mountains are found in Turkey. The coastal plains are narrow in Turkey.

History And Culture:

Key Dates In Turkish History:

  • 1250 Bc: The Trojan War And The Fall Of Troy.
  • 546 Bc: Cyrus The Great Leads The Persians Into Anatolia.
  • 334 Bc: Alexander The Great Drives Out The Persians.
  • 130 Bc: The Romans Incorporate Anatolia As The Province Of Asia, Controlled From Ephesus.
  • 40 Bc: Antioch Sees The Marriage Of Antony And Cleopatra.
  • 47-57 Ad: St. Paul Spreads Christianity And A Community At Antioch Is Established.
  • 313: Roman Empire Adopts Christianity.
  • 330: Constantine Lays Out The Boundaries Of His New Capital, Constantinople.
  • 1054: Greek And Roman Churches Split Over Theology.
  • 1288: Ottoman Empire Appears In Bursa.
  • 1453: The Fall Of Constantinople – The Birth Of Istanbul.
  • 527-65: Glory Of Byzantium Under Justinian.
  • 638-718: Muslim Arabs Besiege Constantinople.
  • 1071-1243: Rise And Rule Of The Selcuk Turks In Anatolia, Konya Is Their Capital.
  • 1096-1204: The Crusades, Marking The Beginning Of The End For Byzantium, A Fascinating Period In Byzantine History.
  • 1520-66: Suleyman The Magnificent Sits On The Ottoman Throne Controlling A Huge And Powerful Empire.
  • 1914: Turkey Allies With Germany In The World War I.
  • 1915: Gallipoli War.
  • 1919: Ataturk Leads Resistance To The Allied Plan To Carve Up Turkey.
  • 1923: foundation Of The Modern Republic Of Turkey By Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
  • 1939-45: Turkey Manages To Remain Neutral During The World War Ii.
  • 1993-96: Demirel President, Tansu Ciller Prime Minister, Turkey Joins Eu Customs Union.

Best Places To Visit:

  1. Ankara
  2. Mardin
  3. Konya
  4. Antalya
  5. Marmaris
  6. Side
  7. Bodrum
  8. Ephesus
  9. Cappadocia
  10. Istanbul

What to do:

  • Enjoy bosphorus cruise – istanbul
  • Grand wooden mansions, imposing fortresses
  • Vistit baroque summer palaces of the late ottoman sultans
  • Visit the spice bazaar – istanbul
  • Visit st. Sophia (chora church museum) built in the 6th century ad
  • Visit the blue mosque
  • Hippodrome, the stadium of the ancient byzantium era, grand bazaar
  • Devrent valley, monks valley, avanos, goreme open air museum,
  • Uchisar, kizilcukur, cavusin, guvercinlik
  • One of the undergroud cities, kaymakli or derinkuyu
  • Mouseleum of the sufi philosopher mevlana
  • Visit the unique cotton fortress
  • Spa centers of the ancient world
  • Ephesus and st. Mary’s cottage
  • Visit the house of the virgin mary
  • See the odeon, bouleterion, fountains, temples, brothel
  • See also library, agora, great theater, gymnasiums, double church, stadium
  • Visit the archaeological museum, temple of diana

Best time to visit: 

The best time to visit Turkey is during the months of April and June or October and November. During this time, the weather is pleasant, rain spells are less and thus present as an ideal time to explore the country. The days are usually warm and sunny but not uncomfortably so.

Map Turkey:

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