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General Information:

Seychelles is officially known as the Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago and a country in the Indian Ocean. This 115 island country has Victoria as its capital and lies in the east of Africa. The population here is very less, perhaps lesser than any other independent African state. It is also a member of the African Union, the United Nations and also the Commonwealth of Nations. Earlier it was totally dependent on agriculture but now it has turned widely into a market based country wherein the tourism sector is also helping and supporting in its growth. Due to inequal wealth distribution poverty is still one of the major concerns here and it is one of the highest in the world. A lot is being done in order to boost the tourism here and it surely is one of the best places to be visited in Africa.


This island nation is located in the Indian Ocean to the northeast of Madagascarand to the east of Kenya. The archipelago here consists of around 115 islands. While most number of the islands are said to be inhabited there are also some which are kept as natural reserves. There are two coral sand cays as well as two coral islands here. Though, the Amirantes group consists of around 29 coral islands. There are also 13 coral islands in the Farquhar Group which lies to the south-southwest of Amirantes. There are also 67 raised coral islands here which fall in the Aldabra Group, lying to the west of Farquhar Group.

The climate here is almost humid  and the islands are said to be small comparatively. The temperature varies quite a bit in the year. Precipitation is somewhat less here and the mountain slopes tend to receive a fair amount of rainfall.

History And Culture:

The recorded history says that Seychelles has remained inhabited for a long period of time and there are no such facts and figures to support the fact that there were people around here. It is also by said by many greats that Austronesian seafarers and Arab traders were the ones to first inhabit Seychelles. The great explorer Vasco Da Gama had come here and the earliest recording was made in 1609 during the forth voyage of the British East India Company. This was also used as a trade transpoint in between Africa and Asia. The islands were occassionaly used by the pirates until the French took over. The Britishers seemed to have controlled the island in between 1794-1810. Seychelles later on became a crown colony, which was separated from Mauritius. The island got its independence in 1976 as a republic itself within the commonwealth. Later on in the 70’s , the place had also turned out to be a place for the filmstars and began to be known internationally as a jetset. It was also declared as a socialist one party state in 1979 that lasted until 1991.

Best Places To Visit:

  1. Visit the TashichhoDzong (Fortress of the Glorious Religion)
  2. Visit KuenselPhodrang (Buddha Statue) -Kuensel Phodrang, National Memorial Chorten (Monument) & Folk Heritage Museum
  3. Visit Sangaygang View Point, Changangkha Monastery, Takin Preserve Centre, where the national animal of Bhutan can be seen
  4. Visit Punakha Dzong
  5. Gangtey (9,840 ft.)
  6. Visit Gangtey Gompha
  7. Visit Royal Botanical Park
  8. Visit Ta Dzong – National Museum
  9. Taktsang Monastery – “Tiger’s Nest” & Kyichu Monastery

What to do:

  • Visit the Lion rock one of the top signature spots Seychelles
  • Ile Cocus provides with some great snorkeling adventures in Seychelles
  • Spend some time and Experience of diving is just unmatched Spend some time at the Shark Bank in Seychelles
  • Explorer will make your diving experience
  • Visit Morane

Best time to visit: 

The periods of calm between the trades produce fairly warm and wind-free conditions throughout April and also in October. Conditions for swimming, snorkelling and especially diving are superb during April/May and October/November when the water temperature sometimes reaches 29ºC and visibility is often 30 metres plus.

The ‘SUBIOS Underwater Festival’, showcases Seychelles’ extraordinary underwater world through a series of film shows, talks and competitions, while the ‘Festival Kreol’ (a week-long celebration of Creole heritage and traditions) is held in October each year.

The Seychelles Sailing Cup, an international sailing event, is held in January and the International Fishing Competition in November. Further local fishing competitions are held throughout the year.

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