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General Information:

Maldives is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean. It is a group of islands forming a ring like structure which is called Atolls. There are some 26 atolls here, but only 11 of these are open to tourism. Male̒ is the capital and is also known as the king’s Island as it is located at a very prime and central location. The economy of Maldives is largely dependent on Fishing and tourism.  



Maldives consists of 26 atolls and some 1,192 coral islands. Maldives is the lowest country of the world. Its average natural ground level is only of 2.4 meters which comes to only 1.5 meters above the sea level. Out of the 26 atolls only 11 are open for the tourists, the other islands are protected by the government. The United Nations has warned the world that if the sea level rises on the same pace, then by the year 2100, Maldives will become uninhabitable. 

The climate in Maldives is tropically monsoonal. The prominent seasons in the country are summer and monsoon. The rains lash Maldives vehemently. The northern islands receive an average rainfall of 254 centimeters and the southern islands receive average rainfall of 381 centimeters. 


History And Culture:

Maldives was impacted by Emperor Asoka who triggered the growth of Buddhism in Maldives. After the arrival of Ibn Batutta, the growth of Islam was triggered. The languages Urdu and Persian were also developed during this period. Soon, in 1513, the Portuguese from Goa attacked the land, but were soon thrown out of the land. Maldives had a bad stretch when several pirates attacked the land and Portuguese intrusion continued.

Maldives faced attacks from various kings and pirates and to protect themselves, the people of Maldives resorted to the British. In the 1800s, they formally signed an agreement with the British. In the year 1932, Maldives made their own constitution and was declared republic in the year 1953. In the year 1965, the British agreement came to an end and in the very same year they became a member of the United Nations. Following this, declaration of the second republic came in the year 1968. In the year 1976, Maldives became free and the British withdrew all forces from the land.


Best Places To Visit:

1. Hukuru Miskiiy mosque world heritage sites of UNESCO
2. Male is one of the oldest towns in Maldives
3. Banana reef
4. Manta point is an area for diving
5. Alimantha Island is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Maldives

What to do:

  • Beaches of Maldives is Perfect place to perform adventure sports
  • Maldives is a beautiful place for Dolphin and whale spotting
  • View the underwater life from a submarine ride
  • You can learn and practice windsurfing
  • Enjoy dinging under the sea
  • Take a dive in the sea water

Best time to visit: 

As a tropical monsoon climate, the Maldives have two dominating seasons: a dry season (associated with dry northeast winter monsoons) and a wet season (associated with moist southwest monsoons and strong winds and storms). The dry season has little rain and lower humidity; it lasts from December-April. The wet season is (you guessed it) wetter, characterized by stronger winds and rain; it lasts from May-November.

For divers, both the dry and wet seasons have their advantages: during the dry season, visibility is superb, due to currents beginning to flow in November from the northeast; the currents start to weaken in February. During the wet season, the water temperatures are a couple of degrees lower, and this seems to inspire larger numbers of hammerhead sharks and reef sharks to congregate, and to do so in shallower waters than in the dry season. Visibility isn’t as good, however, as the currents are less.

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