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General Information:

Gujarat is referred to as the Jewel of Western India and has a population of upto 60 million. Indus Valley Civilization also lies here and this place is also known because of its relation with Mahatma Gandhi. Sabarmati river is the largest river here and a riverfront has been built on this river which is an attraction in its own. There is no particular reason that is preached here and people seem to be diverse culturally as well. Gujarat has upto 33 districts and 249 talukas. Major cities help in the Industrial growth while you would always love the places to see here which are alot of them and which boasts the tourism of Gujarat.


The capital of Gujarat is Gandhinagar and Gujarat has the longest coastline which boasts of upto 1600 kilometres, comprising of forty one ports. The state’s western coast is made up of the Arabian Sea. The longest river in Gujarat is the Sabarmati river.Satpura,Aravali and Vindhya ranges are the popular ranges that pass through here.The eastern portion of the state is covered by dry deciduous forests. Rann of Kutch is said to be the largest seasonal salt marsh which lies northwest of Gujarat.

The climate here has diverse conditions as the winters turn out to be quite dry and mild. The monsoon rains bring along some pleasant weather conditions here.

History And Culture:

Gujarat gets its name from Gujjaratta which means Gurjar Rashtra or the realm of the Gujjars. The tribe of Gujjars first traveled to India in the 5th century. Between 942 AD-1299 AD i.e. during the Chalukya period Gujarat gained its due importance. The major parts Gujarat were called Anarta, Lata and Saurashtra.

From 2500 BC to 500 BC the Harappan civilization and Culture flourished in Gujarat. Various powers like the Indo-Greek, Maurya, Kahatrapas, Gupta, Maitrak & Chalukya’s reigned up to 1297 AD. The fall of Mauryan rule led to the coming of Saurashtra under the control of Samprati Mauryas of Ujjain, the Greek attack into Gujarat was led by Dernetrious. Saka rulers dominated Gujarat for 400 yeras from the begining of the first century.

During the medieval Period, the sultans of Delhi & Gujarat continued their rule till 1758 AD. Islamic rule found its root with the defeat of Karnadeva Vaghela, who was outwitted by Alauddin Khilji, and since then the Muslim rule continued for almost four hundred years until the assassination of Skinder Shah which clearly marked the decline of Islamic rule in Gujarat. In the mordern Period started with the dominance of the Marathas and British Rule upto 1947 AD. The entry of Marathas in Gujarat was marked by the conquest of Chatrapati Shivaji. Under Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership Gujarat became the core of the freedom movement. After independence, the separate state of Gujarat was formed on 1st May 1960.

Best Places To Visit:

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Bhuj- white dessert
  3. Jamnagar
  4. Dwarka
  5. Porbandar
  6. Junagadh
  7. Sasangir
  8. Somanth
  9. Diu
  10. Ambaji
  11. Dakor

What to do:

Visit Girnar Hill :

  • There are plenty of Hindu and Jain temples on top of this Girnar hill. Apart from that, this hill holds some beautiful sceneries which can always hold you back.

Sabarmati Ashram :

  • This is the place where Gandhiji used to stay, even today there are certain things which have been preserved. If you are planning your trip down to Ahmedabad make sure Sabarmati Ashram is not missed.

Visit Diu Fort :

  • Visit the Diu Fort and you will realise that many films have been shot here. One of the very ancient places, Diu Fort is the pride of Gujarat.

Attend the Rann of kutch Festival :

  • Sleep in the tents and be in the Rann of Kutch in the festival where a large number of people come here to simply be a part of the tradition and learn a number of new things and interact with the locals.

Celebrate Navratri :

  •  Navratri and Gujarat are inter-related, so you need to be here during the time of Navratri and play dandiya or do garba and involve yourself into this festive season.

Eat good food :

  • When in Gujarat you can be dead sure that you are going to taste good things. Be it the street food or the Gujarati Thali, everything seems to be nailed at when it comes to food in Gujarat.

Best time to visit: 

The state has variant climatic conditions throughout the year. Gujarat as a whole has hot and dry summers, and pleasant winters. You can plan a trip to Gujarat all the year long, but the best time visit Gujarat is during winter months, November to February.


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